Our world has changed and is still changing rapidly. Some technological breakthroughs have not yet reached widespread use while others are already available and integrated. Nevertheless technology has and will have a profound effect on society.

by Sforza

Sforza is a consulting organization and has years of experience in multiple markets, specifically Healthcare, Life Sciences and MedTech. We strongly believe that with our expertise and our customized Salesforce solutions, we can make a substantial contribution to society.

Our Salesforce specialists can offer organizations sustainable solutions, a necessity in today’s complex world. We continuously challenge each other to think outside the box as this leads to new and unexpected insights. Together with a balanced team of professionals, we help organizations get the most out of their CRM implementation, so that the Salesforce platform will help them grow their business.

Our professionals make sure that you use Salesforce as efficient as possible. By developing applications and customizing the Salesforce platform to your business processes, we are able to guide and inspire you with the countless possibilities Salesforce has to offer

Sforza does not only specialize in Salesforce but also in ERP and Infrastructure. Visit www.sforza.nu for more info on our services and expertise.